COVID-19 Information

 This page applies to members of Five Thirteen Strength, if you aren't an active member and would like to join, we'd love to have you! Visit our membership page here to get more info and/or sign-up. Feel free to email or give us a call too!
After a long 2+ months of closure due to COVID-19, we are open, and we're hyped to see everyone back in the gym! It's imperative that we do what we can to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and that we comply with the orders in place for reopening. As a result, there will be changes in how we operate.

Reopening Capacity: Schedule Your Time Slot(s)

We are limiting capacity using "slot scheduling". You must be a member and sign-up for an available slot using the link below to come into the gym.  We are limiting capacity to 18 members in the gym at a time in the early stages and will scale up to normal capacity and "open gym" if social distancing can still be maintained at all times.
We will release the schedule for the following week on Friday mornings. Use the following link to schedule your time slot:

 If you are having any issues scheduling, please reach out - we're here to help and make things work for you! Remember, this is temporary and hopefully we can get back to "normal" open gym, but we are taking everything day by day and week by week.


Additional Reopening Rules and Details

We must follow the appropriate Operating Requirements per the Ohio Department of Health. We will be strictly following all of these guidelines because 1) your safety and health is important to us and 2) let's be honest, we desperately do not want to shut down again. Here are the main points to note:
  1. We will be limiting capacity using "slot scheduling". You must be a member and sign-up for a slot using the link above to come into the gym.  We are limiting it to 18 members in the gym at a time in the beginning and if we can manage appropriate social distancing with more people, we will expand it. 
  2. 6ft social distancing is mandatory. The equipment will be setup in a way that easily allows for this. If you need a spotter, let us know; we are happy to do that or it should be the same person every time.
  3. You must sign in on the sign-in sheet every time you enter the gym. This is a mandatory requirement from the Health Department for contact tracing.
  4. You must sanitize the equipment you use or any surfaces you touch. We will provide plenty of bottles of sanitizing spray at every station. In addition, keep record of what equipment you used and let us know on your way out.
  5. Masks/Face Coverings are required. You may take it off during exercise or eating/drinking but all other times must be worn covering both mouth and nose.
  6. Drop-ins MUST call ahead to ensure we won't exceed capacity. We love having new people in the gym, but in the early stages of reopening we need to be able to manage numbers and feel it's important to give our members priority. As things progress we will expand the drop-in policy in a way that makes sense and allows members to have the access to the gym they are paying for too.
  7. At the end of each day, we will sanitize all surfaces again for the next day. In addition we will perform a deep clean of the entire gym at least once a week.