Strength and Conditioning Classes

Everybody Needs Strength


Five Thirteen Strength Classes

 "Strength is never a weakness" - Mark Bell

Strength Training is important in life beyond athletics and are essential to staying healthy at all ages. On top of performance and aesthetic benefits, evidence shows that regularly lifting weights improves physical and mental health markers, while working to prevent injuries and chronic disease (see Benefits of Strength Training). 


Getting stronger doesn’t have to be complicated and we are here to help you. Our classes focus on building strength in sustainable ways for individuals of all levels and experience. We also believe in the importance of teaching in our classes, giving you the knowledge you need to stay healthy outside of our guided workouts. That’s why we utilize smaller class sizes with a mix of high-intensity workouts and technical instruction.



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Monday Strength Class

The goal:  Get better at moving heavy weight with proper technique. Our Strength Classes feature workouts focusing on major muscle groups with variations of all of the "main" compound movements: Squat, Bench Press, Deadlift, and Overhead Press. Workouts will also include accessory exercises and drills to improve overall strength, prevent injuries, and muscular imbalances.

Thursday Technique Class

The goal: Improve lifting technique and gain knowledge to prevent injuries and allow for more efficient movement of the body. These classes will center around the "main" compound movements: Squat, Bench Press, Deadlift, and Overhead Press. Sessions will be a mix of workouts and teaching, with breaks to discuss details of proper technique, cues, common mistakes, and scientific foundations.