Narrowing Down Opening Dates

For the past several months (which has felt like a lifetime to us) we've been anxiously trying to lock in a date we could confidently announce to the public "this is when we're opening!". We're learning invaluable lessons as we progress as first time gym owners, which we'll dive into in a different blog. One of the big lessons we learned recently, that has affected our timelines, is that everyone orders their new gym equipment, flooring, etc at this exact time of year to have their facilities ready for the school year. That means everything we ordered brand new (which is almost everything) has had significant lead time, resulting in pretty consistent uncertainty and anxiety for us... until now. Over the past week or so, we've finally been able to answer some of those questions and narrow down a time-frame:

We're tentatively planning our grand opening between August 24 and September 14.

We will also have a soft opening, date TBD, exclusively for our OG members to come check the place out and workout in a "private gym" before we open. 

While we are making awesome progress lately, by no means is everything crystal clear and ready to go. We still have a to-do list that's a mile long and we come across a new little snag in the plan every day. Nonetheless, we're busting our ass days, nights, and weekends and we're excited for what this is turning into. 

So what does this mean for you?

  1. If you're interested in signing up and haven't yet, we still have a few spots open for our "OG" membership rates. Jump on it now and you can get a 5.13% lifetime membership discount and exclusive access to our soft opening.
  2. If you've already signed up for a membership presale, you are awesome! We will be reaching out to you to be included in the soft opening.
  3. Stay plugged into our blogs and social media for updates on an official grand opening date
  4. If you've gotten this far, spread the word to someone who you think could find value in what we're building here. Your word of mouth makes all of the difference to us as a start up business. We will say this in every post and mean it 100% every time, THANK YOU, your support means everything.

As always contact us with questions, thoughts, feelings, and ideas.

Until next time.



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