Five Thirteen Strength Facility

Location & Directions
The Space



Private Gym, Open 24/7 to members

Call (513) 557-6433 or DM us @FiveThirteenStrength to arrange a tour! 


1220 Harrison Ave. Cincinnati, OH 45214

The Space

We have over 5,000 sq/ft of gym full of top of the line equipment, changing rooms, and a secure entrance to the gym space. We have an off-street parking lot and overflow parking available on Harrison ave!
Five Thirteen Strength Gym
We genuinely understand the importance of environment and quality equipment for those who care about their training. It makes all the difference. If you're investing your own time, money, and energy into your goals, you deserve something that fits the vibe you're looking for in a gym. We never want you to have to sit around and wait for the "good" rack, bench, bar, platform, etc. That's why we're committed to having the best equipment we can get and building an environment where you can work out and get better around like-minded people. 


Competition Powerlifting Combo Racks (6)

 New Combo Rack

TSS Competition Bench Press (1)


764kg of Rogue Calibrated Kilogram Plates

          459kg of Ghost Strong Calibrated Kilogram Plates


Powerlifting Kilo Plates

Bridge Built "Trap Rig" w/ Four Stations


Five Deadlift Platforms 

Deadlift Platforms
Olympic Lifting Platform
 Band Pegs

Many Rogue Barbells

 Ohio Power Bar | 45lbs | Black Cerakote (4)
 Ohio Power Bar | 45lbs | Bare Steel
Ohio Power Bar | 20kg | Black Zinc (3)
Ohio Power Bar | 20kg | Bare Steel
Luxiaojun E1 Power Bar | 20kg | Black Chrome (1)
Ohio Deadlift Bar | 20kg | Green Cerakote (1)
Ohio Deadlift Bar | 20kg | Black Zinc (1)
Rogue 2.0 Bar | 20kg | Black Zinc (1)
Ohio Bar | 20kg | Black Zinc (3)
Bella Bar | 15kg | Black Zinc (1)

Specialty Barbells

Rep Fitness SSB | 68lbs 1
Titan SSB V2 | 61lbs 1
Rogue Squat Bar | 55lbs 1
Buffalo Bar | 50lbs


Multi-grip Camber Bar | 47lbs  1 
5' PVC Pipe | ~1lb 1
84" Axle Barbell | 30lbs 1

Earthquake Bar | 6lbs


Hex Deadlift Bar | 44lbs

We're always looking for new bars to get - send us your suggestions!

Over 5,000 lbs of Rogue/Ivanko Iron Plates


350lbs of Rogue HG Bumper Plates


Rubber Coated Dumbbell pairs up to 100s


Rogue Kettlebells up to 106lbs


Resistance Band Sets


Athletic & Plyometric Training Equipment


Rogue Rhino Belt Squat

Rogue Rhino Belt Squat

Plate Loaded Lat Pulldown w/ MAG grips

Lat Pulldown

MAG Grips

Nautilus Seated Leg Curl, Seated Leg Extension, 

Hack Squat/Leg Press Combo

Leg Machines

Hammer Strength Isolateral Row

Hammer Strength Chest Press

Hammer Strength Chest Press

Hammer Strength Chest Press

Hammer Strength Horizontal Leg Press

Hammer Strength Horizontal Leg Press

Hammer Strength Family

Glute Drive/Hip Thrust Machine

 Glute/Hip Thrust Machine

Much more!
Reverse Hyper, Back Extension, GHR 
 Spud Inc. Cable Attachment
Airdyne Pro Bike
Assault Fitness Air Runner
Concept 2 Rower
Kilos & Chains
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