What's Next?

We've got the space, we have a lil bit of equipment moved in, now what? We have a long list of things to get done before we open, so here's a peek at some of the main items:


"How much is it?" has been the #1 question we've gotten so far, which is awesome!  We first and foremost care about being transparent and most importantly fair about our pricing. That's why we've been taking our time to determine the best prices we can offer while still making enough money to stay open 24/7, buy the best equipment we can get, and invest back into the business to grow. Check out our social media pages and Membership Info page for more details.

As far as opening up our membership sales, we've been spending time over the past few weeks (a lot more than we expected) working out the kinks in our membership platform for both online and in-person sign-ups. We will inevitably run into bumps, but we want to ensure the process is smooth and easy for you. We will be launching presale memberships with special discounts for our "OG" members this week!

Flooring Dates

Just a couple weeks ago, we put in an order in for some really high quality (and expensive) custom flooring. We will have ~4,000 square feet of PLAE rubber flooring and turf. Check out the PLAE gallery to see what you have to look forward to! The downside to getting the some of the best gym flooring on the market is it requires significant lead time for manufacturing, shipping, and install. Once we lock some of those dates down, we can put in some of our larger equipment and have a more realistic grand opening date.

Building Updates

We honestly got very lucky to find an awesome space with a great landlord that was essentially move in ready for us. We had a long string of swings and misses along the way before we found our home here. With that being said, we do still have a few small renovations to get it ready for the public like drywall for the changing room, additional lighting, and security. One of the big hurdles was getting permits from city planning to do all this work, but we're finally about ready to move full steam ahead.

Order More equipment!

Aside from opening the doors to you all, this will be the most fun part. We have a long list of equipment to have delivered, but want to ensure the floors are down first. We're SO pumped for you guys to see all the awesome strength equipment we're getting from our friends at Bridge Built down the street, Rogue, Texas Strength Systems, Elite FTS, and more.

Have ideas for equipment?? We seriously want to hear them!

Endless Small Tasks

What we outlined above is in no way a comprehensive list and our priorities are ever changing. On top of those big things, we have a ton of small tasks that need to get done along the way. From painting windowsills, getting internet setup, and putting up signage, to getting the word out with flyers, social media, and writing these fantastic blog posts, we're constantly filling our days and inching our way closer to opening this badass gym.


As always, HUGE thanks to everyone who's showed us any form of support so far. It goes a long way, especially when things get stressful. Can't wait to have the strongest community in Cincinnati!



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